Pavel Pekun

Montreal, Canada





FX reel:






Seeking a position as a Houdini FX Artist


  • Experience in creating variety effects such as fire, smoke, RBD, fluid and particle simulation, explosion and destruction, asset design
  • Extensive experience of integration elements into a scene with lighting, shadows, shaders
  • Skilled in rendering, shading, lighting and texturing
  • Significant experience in multipass rendering and compositing process
  • Previsualization and look tests experience
  • Proficiency with hard surface modeling and procedural geometry generation
  • Experience in animation and camera setup
  • Strong knowledge of scripting and high-level programming languages
  • Proficient in use of Unix based operating systems
  • Ability to work closely with other artists as well as alone
  • Flexibility and ability to work well under pressure and tight production schedules
  • Good organizational and interpersonal skills, the ability to multitask
  • Always open to share knowledge and techniques with other artists
  • Willingness to learn other disciplines and software
  • Passion for movie, commercial, music, technology, art, industrial design and video games


  • Effects:
  • Modeling, Shading, Texturing:
  • Animation, Lighting, Camera setup:
  • Rendering:
  • Compositing:
  • Programming:
  • Scripting:
  • Web technology:


Houdini, 3ds Max, Maya, Adobe Photoshop

Houdini, 3ds Max, Maya

Mantra, V-Ray, Arnold

Nuke, Adobe After Effects

Python, C#, Ruby on Rails, PHP, VEX

HScript, MAXScript, MEL, Win32/Unix shell

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, aJax, MySQL


  • Houdini, 3ds Max, Maya, RealFlow, Nuke, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop,
    Final Cut, Sony Vegas
  • Thinking Particles, FumeFX, Krakatoa, MagmaFlow, Deadline, SVN, JIRA, Afanasy, Cerebro, Shotgun
  • OS: Windows, OS X, Linux


Key FX Artist
03/19 – present | MPC
| ​Montreal, Canada
  • Responsible for various types of FX elements, any type of dynamic simulations and proceduralanimation for feature film visual effects
06/17 – 02/19 | Jellyfish Pictures
| London, United Kingdom
  • "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", Action movie, 2017
  • Created large scale burning fire in a spaceship
  • Created various foreground file elements with following sparks and embers
  • Used gridless advection technique for volume rendering, custom microsolvers in Pyro forvelocity shaping, divergence and vorticle influence, volume cache optimization asset
  • Provided lookdev and final visualization with all required passes
  • "Captive State", Sci-Fi, Thriller movie, 2018
  • Creating various FX elements, Volumetric, RBD, Flip, Cloth, Wire, POP
  • Using independent clustering Pyro simulation
  • Ocean asset with custom foam and volume spray, clustering system and camera adaptivesampling, providing additional elements such as rain, procedural fog and wind volumetric
  • Pipeline asset and shelf tool building
  • Working closely with supervisors and compositing department
  • Environment: Houdini, Mantra, Maya, Nuke, Shotgun
FX Artist
03/17 – 05/17 | FilmDirectionFX
| Moscow, Russia
  • "Baahubali 2: The Conclusion ", Indian epic historical action movie, 2017
  • Created file on burning cloth
  • Created various file elements like sparks and embers
  • Environment: Houdini
FX Artist
05/16 – 01/17 | ARGUNOV studio
| Moscow, Russia
  • "Defenders", action, the first Russian superhero movie, 2017
  • Created rocket launch effect with the future smoke trail, used clustering Pyro simulation with custom wind fields, Volume VOP for exhaust shape
  • Created character transition effect with the future trail of particles, used Nuke python scripts to get the future retime parameters, provided merge of retime and non-retime sequences in Nuke and Houdini, used VOP, VEX operation for animating particles trail shape
  • Created raindrop freeze effect, used static and animated POP particles
  • Used POP simulation for ground debris effect with the future geometry render
  • Created bullet shells RBD simulation with additional Pyro smoke simulation
  • Designed helicopter explosion effect, used Pyro simulation and varied microsolvers, POP simulations for sparks and debris, provided per-component rendering in sum 16 layers
  • "Earthquake", disaster movie, release 2016
  • Created debris/sands simulation of cracking concrete slab with the feature dust effect
  • Created dust spots of moving ground cracks
  • Created large scale dust/mist effect after buildings collapse, used combination of pyro simulations and static volume primitives
  • "The Icebreaker", drama/action movie, release 2016
  • Designed snow asset to generate different type of falling snow with the future particles and sprite rendering, used custom velocity field in POP simulation, camera frustum optimization, provided lookdev and final shots integration
  • Created flare rocket effect, used Pyro microsolvers to drive trail velocity and custom directional wind field
  • Created ground blizzard on the massive ice cover, used clustering pyro simulation Environment: Houdini, Mantra, Maya, Nuke, Cerebro, Afanasy
  • Environment: Houdini, Mantra, Maya, Nuke, Cerebro, Afanasy
FX Artist
02/16 – 04/16 | CG Factory
| Moscow, Russia
  • "The Flight Crew", disaster movie, 2016
  • Created Pyro simulations for dynamic and static objects, provided shading and rendering, used VOP/VEX operations and POP simulations
  • Created large scale fire burning on plane runway, burning destroyed fuel farm and fuel truck, burning moving lava, flowing fuel and various ground spots
  • Developed procedural patterns of burning spots with different behavior and internal fields
  • Created Pyro simulation of tearing ropes, used POP simulation for sourcing and velocity field
  • Aircraft turbine burning animation setup, RnD burning broken plane tire during landing
  • Created scene with the plane moving through firewall, with the following interaction and wingtip vortices, applied custom volume fields for controlling the collision area, integrated sparks driven by velocity fields, computed moving lava collision fields into simulation
  • Created asset for velocity field to Pyro sim with settings of height, noises, gradient forces
  • Created various mist spots, used static volume primitive and Volume VOP operations
  • Created extinguishing effect of burning aircraft turbine
  • Setup lava simulation, computed moving lava edge area with the feature fire simulation
  • Used cluster and slice distributed simulation in HQueue
  • Render FX sequences for stereo 3D/IMAX
  • Unix console interaction with remote render farm
  • Worked closely with compositing and render departments
  • Took part in discussions and searching solving approaches with supervisors and the director
  • Environment: Houdini, Mantra, Nuke, Shotgun, Afanasy, Debian
Freelance FX Artist
10/15 – 01/16 | Self-employment
| Minsk, Belarus
  • Design Houdini digital assets
  • Creating the asset for procedural bricks generation, constraint and RBD simulations
  • Creating the asset for shooter RBD system, procedural hit area and order, POP simulations
  • Developing custom velocity fields for Pyro, fire tornado animation
  • RnD in Pyro color advect, fire and smoke lookdev
  • RnD in RBD constraints, layered destructions, bend and edge displacement
  • Environment: Houdini, VEX, Mantra, Nuke, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas, Ubuntu
FX Artist
04/14 – 09/15 | Cubincup Animation Studio
| Minsk, Belarus
  • Created FX for TV animation 3D series and stereoscopic 5D ride movies
  • Responsible for all FX in over 160 shots
  • Integrated FX elements into a scene/stereoscopic scene with lighting and shaders
  • Provided final multipass render with pre-compositing or final compositing
  • Produced previsualization and look tests
  • Developed Nuke Python tools and Win32 shell scripts to automate time-consuming process
  • Created MAXScript scripts to automate work process and geometry manipulations
  • Integrated new software and plugins in pipeline
  • Set up and supported Unix based mail system for task management
  • Worked closely with the Director, the Compositor TD, Art and Animation departments
  • Environment: 3ds Max, thinkingParticles, Krakatoa, MagmaFlow, FumeFX, V-Ray, Nuke, Deadline, JIRA, Linux
Motion Designer
02/14 – 03/14 | Cubincup Animation Studio
| Minsk, Belarus
  • Created 2D-3D Motion graphics for TV commercial
  • Worked in collaboration with the advertising agency under time pressure, every week’s deadline
  • Modeled, textured and integrated models for the Element 3D
  • Created a melting object in RealFlow for the animation sequence and billboard printing, with the future shading and render, used python scripting to drive fluid particles
  • Edited sound and matched tracks, provided convert for different TV standards
  • Created previsualization sequences and look tests based on scripts
  • Worked closely with Visualization and Animation departments
  • Environment: 3ds Max, Adobe After Effects, Element 3D, RealFlow, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sound Forge, Sony Vegas, JIRA
Sr. Web Developer
06/09 – 05/13 | SoftFXBel
| Minsk, Belarus
  • Designed and implemented web interfaces for online Forex Trading Platforms, online stores, management systems, live streaming video, e-sports and video games platform
  • Developed different types of graph and chart representations of analytical information
  • Analyzed User Experience process and redesigned outdated interfaces
  • Provided integration testing, web analytics
  • Recruited and managed employees
  • Worked with different departments in sum over 100 employees
  • Environment: C#, JavaScript, aJax, HTML5, CSS3, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, TortoiseSVN, Team Foundation Server, JIRA
CEO, Web Developer, Designer
09/10 – 07/12 | ScienceL
| Minsk, Belarus
  • Developed complex internet solution, providing information and management services for scientific laboratories and supplier companies
  • Designed graphic design and web elements, developed and supported web databases
  • Created the search engine, the service to handle and structured information from PDF files
  • Provided SEO optimization and analytics information
  • Supported Win and Unix based web servers, provided migration of databases, update web applications, support for any technical issues
  • Environment: PHP, Apache, MySQL, JavaScript, aJax, HTML5, CSS3, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Unix (Debian, Ubuntu), TortoiseSVN


  • 2014 Belarusian National Technical University | Minsk, Belarus
    BS in Computer Science, Software engineer
  • 2009 P.O. Sukhoi State Technical University | Gomel, Belarus
    BS in Computer Science, Software engineer
    Undergraduate, 3 years of courses